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In honor of Kennady Chamberlain

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Hi! My name is Kathleen Viola. I am tenaciously passionate in my volunteer role as a Wish Granter through Make A Wish mid-Atlantic. I have decided to name my team in honor of the sweetest angel, Kennady Chamberlain. TEAM KENNA!

Here is Kennaís story told by her Mommy:
Kennady was only a year old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. She was the the sassiest, funniest and sweetest little girl you ever had the privilege to meet. In between treatments you could find her playing with a million stuffed animals, watching cat videos and dancing to music. She became a typical two year old who wasnít so typical being hooked up to a million machines and tubing for toxic cancer treatment. She helped her nurses flush her lines and do vitals and over time the hospital staff became a part of our family. She soared through treatment for over a year without many complications until her sudden and devastating relapse. For those of you that arenít aware, there is no known cure for relapsed Neuroblastoma as these children already go through a incredibly rough treatment plan to rid of their cancer to begin with. On February 21st 2018 we lost a giant piece of our heart as Kennady went to heaven. She put up the biggest fight Iíve ever seen a human being give and even included some miracles in the mix. While we believe she is now running around with all the animals in the kingdom and is the most alive she has ever been we also had so many plans for her that we werenít able to do. Before her passing we wanted to to take her to Disney with Make a Wish as she was well deserving of. Moana, Elsa and Mickey Mouse were on high priority of our MUST meet list. When it came down to it our volunteers who selflessly love to help these kids were evening willing to meet us in the PICU so we could discuss options on how we could grant Kennady a Wish even in her last days. We never got to that point unfortunately, but thousands of other kids still can and need your help to do so. Itís estimated that over 15,000 children get diagnosed a year with cancer. Thatís 15,000 more kids than the year before that are typically still fighting even a year after intense treatment. By donating to Make a Wish youíre helping children who were just like Kennady to make at least one dream come true, a once in a lifetime event to happen just for them! By a donation made to Make a Wish in the past we were sent paperwork from the International Star Registry and now have a star to look up to everyday that is named Kennady Rose Chamberlain. Letís keep these dreams coming and Kennadys spirit alive.

Thank you for supporting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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